Ann DaPrato, RDA & Lisa Saiia, RDA

Course Contents:






Infectious Disease Process

Occupational Exposure to Disease

Risk Assessment and Classifications

Dental Health Care Worker Protection

Patient Protection

Cross Contamination Awareness

Waste Handling
Test Questions
Answer Sheet
Course Evaluation


Course Objectives:

Identify various forms of microorganisms
Understand different types of occupational diseases and how Standard and Universal Precautions are utilized to minimize the risk of infection
Become aware of the infectious disease process including modes of occupational transmission of diseases
Understand reasons for immunization against Hepatitis B virus
Analyze and classify your level of risk to infectious substances
Identify, select and use personal protective equipment to minimize your risk of exposure to infectious substances, hazards and avoid injury
Define sterilization and understand the methods of achievement
Define various types of disinfection and the process of achievement
Explain and list different types of barrier protection
Explain and list different types of equipment and items for consideration of barrier protection
Become aware of different areas of cross contamination in the dental office and how to reduce the incidence of it
Become aware of how to protect patients from exposure to infectious diseases
Identify different types of sharps in the dental office and methods for handling and disposing of sharps
Understand various types of waste generated in the dental office
Give examples of proper infection control as it relates to the on-site dental laboratory


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