Below is a list of associations and groups that have a role in the dental industry. This list provides dental specific associations that offer membership and resources for the dental professional and government entities that play a regulatory role in the dental industry. Academy of General Dentistry The Academy of General Dentistry’s mission is to provide support for general dentists and promote oral health. The AGD monitors issues that have the potential to affect the way general dentists practice on the local level and national level.


National Dental Professional Organizations

Academy of General Dentistry

The Academy of General Dentistry’s mission is to provide support for general dentists and promote oral health. The AGD monitors issues that have the potential to affect the way general dentists practice on the local level and national level.

Academy of Laser Dentistry

The Academy of Laser Dentistry is devoted to clinical education, research and the development of standards and guidelines for the safe and effective use of laser technology worldwide.

Academy for Sports Dentistry

The Academy for Sports Dentistry seeks to collect resources and knowledge to develop a comprehensive analysis of sports and protective dentistry. It also seeks to enhance existing lectures and material on the top of sports dentistry.

American Academy of Implant Dentistry

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry’s mission is to advance the science and practice of implant dentistry through education, research support and to serve as the credentialing standard for implant dentistry for the benefit of mankind.

American Academy of Oral Medicine

American Academy of Oral Medicines mission is to foster excellence in education, research, and patient care in the field of oral medicine and to promote the study and dissemination of knowledge regarding the medical aspects of dentistry while serving the best interests of the public.

American Academy of Periodontology

The mission of the American Academy of Periodontology is to provide our members with resources that enhance their ability to diagnosis oral conditions, assess the risk for future disease and deliver specialty periodontal non-surgical, surgical and medical care for patients.

American Association of Endodontists

The American Association of Endodontists is the only certifying board for the specialty of endodontics and is one of the nine specialty boards recognized by the American Dental Association.

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) the is a professional organization representing more than 9,000 oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the United States. This association supports its members' ability to practice their specialty through education, research, and advocacy.

American Dental Society of Anesthesiology

The mission of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology is to provide a forum for education, research, and recognition of achievement in order to promote safe and effective patient care for all dentists who have an interest in anesthesiology, sedation and the control of anxiety and pain.

American Orthodontic Society

The American Orthodontic Society (AOS) is a professional association for general and pediatric dentists who choose to add orthodontic skills to their practice.

American Society for the Advancement of Anesthesia in Dentistry

Pain control in dentistry is the main purpose of the ASAAD. Today, this goal is achieved by the use of sedation, intramuscular sedation, and nitrous oxide inhalation sedation. Among the various forms of sedation, the intravenous route is the safest, most effective, and most predictable form of sedation.

American Society of Dental Anesthesiologists

The ASDA is committed to the continual education and enhancement of the dental anesthesiologist and to help connect patients with a provider of dental anesthesiologist.

American Society of Dental Aesthetics

The American Society of Dental Aesthetics was developed with a single purpose in mind: continuing dental education to teach dental health professionals the most advanced aesthetic and restorative techniques available. American Society of Forensic Odontology.

American Society of Forensic Odontology

The objective of The American Society of Forensic Odontology is to advance the cause of forensic dentistry and to develop and maintain the highest standards of practice for dentists and patients.

American Student Dental Association

The American Student Dental Association is a national student-run organization that protects and advances the rights, interests and welfare of dental students. It introduces students to lifelong involvement in organized dentistry and provides services, information, education, representation and advocacy.

American Board of Orthodontics

The primary purpose of The American Board of Orthodontics is to elevate the level of orthodontic care for the public by encouraging excellence in clinical practice and specialty education.

American Dental Assistants Association

The ADAA encourages education, registration and certification for dental assisting professionals while providing a network of personal services for its members.

American Dental Hygienists' Association

American Association of Women Dentists

AWD provides support and education to women in the dental industry and we are constantly striveing toward our mission of "becoming the recognized resource for connecting and enriching the lives of women dentists”.

American Dental Association

Founded in 1859, the American Dental Association is the oldest and largest national dental society in the world. Since then, the ADA has grown to become the leading source of oral health related information for dentists and their patients.

Hispanic Dental Association

The mission of the HDA is to provide a platform for the Hispanic oral professional in the United States, to promote the oral health of the Hispanic community through improved prevention, treatment and education. The HDA also seeks to foster the research and knowledge concerning Hispanic oral health problems.

Holistic Dental Association

The Holistic Dental Association believes that a holistic dental care is in relation to the entire person, and that health care providers and recipients should be provided with correct information to make informed choices and will enhance personal health and wellness. We believe our educational growth should be nurturing, affordable, and encompasses basic information, experiential knowledge, andl eading edge ideas.

Related Sites

Temporomandibular Association

The Temporomandibular Association’s mission is to improve the quality of healthcare and lives of everyone affected by temporomandibular disorders (TMJD).

World Federation of Orthodontists

The purpose of the WFO is to advance the art and science of orthodontics throughout the world by encouraging standards in orthodontics, assisting in the formation of national associations and societies of orthodontists when requested, and helping certifying boards when requested.

Regulatory Agencies

California Division of Occupational Safety & Health (Cal/OSHA)

The Division of Occupational Safety and Health, protects workers and the public from safety hazards through its Occupational Safety and Health, elevator, amusement ride, aerial tramway, ski lift and pressure vessel inspection programs, and also provides consultative assistance to employers.

Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

CDC's Mission is to collaborate to create the expertise, information, and tools that people and communities need to protect their health – through health promotion, prevention of disease, injury and disability, and preparedness for new health threats.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was established to ensure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance.

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA's mission is to protect human health and the environment.

United Stated Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

The FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation, and by regulating the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of tobacco products.



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