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The History and Progress of
Dental Continuing Education Online

Dental continuing education courses have been available in nearly every dental educational institution including colleges, universities, and trade schools and through lectures and seminars provided by associations, study groups, and individual continuing education providers in the United States for many years. Historically dental professionals were required to seek their Dental CE credits for license renewal in time consuming classroom formats. Now, with the availability of the internet, dental continuing education online courses have taken the next step in their evolution of obtaining continuing education. Online dental CE courses have revolutionized the field of dentistry by offering a convenient alternative to the onsite dental conference setting for acquiring dental CE courses. Online dental continuing education courses have become especially popular because they allow students to work at their own pace and according to their own schedules. Digital technology allows the online CE provider the ability to maintain excellence by being able to edit course content when updated information becomes available.

It has been reported that approximately 47% of dentists use dental continuing education online. This number is reportedly growing exponentially each year. What attracts dentists most to online dental CE is the scientifically based quality of the course content, convenience, and cost-efficiency. Online dental CE courses give licensed dental professionals the opportunity to improve their clinical skills, gain knowledge and learn more about the new advancements in the dental industry without sacrificing time from their practice and personal life. Dental CE online provides dental professionals with the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques to better serve their patients.

Dental Continuing Education Online Courses Aren't only for Dentists

Dental continuing education online courses are available for anyone involved in the field of dentistry. This includes clinicians and other team members such as dental hygienists, dental assistants and front office staff. A paradigm of CE online courses include but are not limited to bloodborne pathogens training, infection control in dental health, preventive dentistry, restorative and specialty dental procedures, implants, sleep apnea, new technology in dentistry and a considerable amount of multidisciplinary clinical approaches to dentistry.

Dental Continuing Education Courses and Webinars

The advances in digital technology allow online dental CE courses to maintain excellence and effectiveness, comparable to hands-on classroom participation through the availability of webinars. Webinars enable dental continuing education courses to be administered live via internet video. The dental CE webinar course format is a perfect application of this new online technology. Webinars allow the instructor to provide scheduled presentations, and collaborate in real time right from your Mac or personal computer. Webinars allow the student to view the course content on their computer. The course can be driven by a PowerPoint presentation with a speaker or you can view the speaker's presentation in real life time. The beauty of webinars is that it allows active participation through instant messaging or integrated phone conferencing during the meeting. Participants are often more inclined to ask questions without being identified as is the case in a large classroom setting. Webinars can often provide an even better perspective than a student might have in a crowded classroom because the computer can offer a closer look of what the instructor is doing. Webinars offer a convenient solution to satisfy LIVE CE credits.

The Future of Dental Continuing Education Online

Dental continuing education online has a promising future simply because it provides new opportunities for dental professionals to advance their expertise and meet their licensing requirements without sacrificing quality educational content. The cost savings of attending courses at a course location is invaluable. Dental professionals are inundated with constantly changing requirements by regulatory boards, progressive advancements in dentistry and increasing dental practice costs. Dental CE online provides a simple, informative and cost effective alternative for dental continuing education. With more than 47% of dentists utilizing online dental CE courses to meet their licensing requirements; there is no doubt that these courses are a trusted and efficient source. Enjoy the independence that the future of dental continuing education online has to offer.



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